About KADA

About KADA

KADA – Sport with Prospects

Athletes pursue elite sports at a formative time in life, at which, ordinarily, the groundwork is laid for a subsequent vocational career. Only very few Austrian athletes can rely solely on the proceeds from their sporting activities to secure their livelihoods beyond their active careers. Moreover, careers in elite sports are of a limited duration and can be cut short prematurely due to injuries, declining performances, or other unpredictable developments.

About KADA – our mission

KADA is a non-governmental, non-profit association which strives to ensure that elite athletes have secure and fulfilling prospects for the future – by promoting the feasibility of combining sports with education or vocational training. KADA is thus not a safety net but an important partner for athletes to forge their own paths. As such, we respect and pay attention to the diverse lives and experiences of our clients. By opening up individual ways and opportunities, we demonstrate that sports and education can form a unity – after all, personal development constitutes a perfect prerequisite for success in sports. In actively preparing for a post-sport career, athletes are enabled to concentrate better on the present, thus achieving even stronger results.

KADA services for athletes

We provide consulting services to elite athletes, guiding them through the process of finding a suitable educational program and supporting them in their efforts to reconcile sport and education. Our professional career counsellors operate nationwide and individually support athletes in pursuing their very own dual pathway. These services are extended to athletes representing any of the 60 officially recognized Austrian sports associations. However, specific qualification criteria pertaining to the level of performance have to be met in order to be eligible.

Moreover, we collaborate with Austrian elite schools of sport to sensitize and counsel junior athletes in competitive sports (ages 15 and up). Within the scope of these collaborations, we support schools as an external partner in preventing early educational or sporting drop outs by raising awareness for available opportunities to combine both worlds.

Educational Programs

In addition to our consulting services, we offer a series of tailored educational programs for elite athletes, which are compatible with elite sports and encourage holistic personal development.

Study support program SLS

On an individual level, SLS, which is short for Studium Leistung Sport (“study, performance, sport”) provides elite sport-specific student counseling. On an institutional level, the program also entails organizational cooperation with numerous public and private Austrian universities to systematically increase academic flexibility with the goal of facilitating the compatibility of athletes’ training and competition schedules with their studies.

Higher education entrance exam BRP

The Berufsreifeprüfung im Leistungssport (BRP) was introduced in 2012 to offer elite athletes a tailored blended learning training to access higher education. We provide prep courses for all four exam subjects (German, English, Mathematics and Sport Management). The courses are held in Salzburg, Stams, and Vienna with the latter city also being the location where the final exams are held.

Vocational education and training A&W

Athletes who partake in the vocational education and training program A&W once more benefit from sport-specific counseling, though on the level of adult educational providers. Strategic collaborations with accredited educational providers enable athletes to complete flexible educational and vocational training offers, ranging from apprenticeships to a variety of specialized courses and diplomas.

Post-sport vocational career

When a sporting career comes to an end, we facilitate the integration of former elite athletes and coaches into the world of work. Due to the unique cooperation with the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS), which renders KADA as an officially recognized AMS counselling center, we dispose over excellent resources to assist in the job search. This includes occupational orientation, exit management, and support throughout the job application process.

Aus- und Weiterbildung Kada
Vocational education and training A&W
Whether an apprenticeship, advanced training or diploma course – find a suitable education offer that can be combined with elite sport.
SLS KADA Sport mit Perspektive
Study support program SLS
The study support program SLS assists you in combining elite-level sport with your studies at one of our partner universities and higher education institutions.
BRP KADA Sport mit Perspektive
Higher education entrance exam BRP
Enroll in our preparatory courses to pass the BRP A-levels and obtain a university entrance qualification
Post-sport vocational career
You have reached the end of your sports career and would like to prepare your entry into the world of work? We are there for you to support you throughout the transition phase.

Sponsors and partners

KADA acts as an autonomous puzzle piece connecting the Austrian sport and education system and economy. Our association is funded by the Ministry of Sports (BMKÖS) and the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS). As a result, our consulting services for elite athletes are non-binding and free of charge.
Our network of partners encompasses central Austrian sports organizations, which include the Austrian Olympic Committee (ÖOC), the Austrian Sport Aid (ÖSH), Unisport Austria and the Austrian Federal Network of Sports Psychology (ÖBS). Furthermore, KADA works with the Austrian National Sports Organization (BSO), the Military Sports Center of the Austrian Armed Forces (HSLZ), and numerous Austrian sports federations.
Moreover, Klub KADA rallies together a group of educational institutions and businesses who adopt corporate social responsibility by supporting KADA financially as well as offering elite-sport-friendly educational and vocational training programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is KADA?

KADA is the institution for educational & vocational consultation in Austrian elite sports. As such, we offer athletes individual career counseling and elite-sport-friendly educational programs to support them in reconciling sport with education and guide them through the transition to a post-sport vocational career.

Who is eligible to be supported by KADA?

We provide our services to Austrian elite-athletes representing any of the 60 officially recognized Austrian sports federations, who meet our qualification criteria.

What is the cost of KADA’s services? | How much are KADA’s services?

Our educational and vocational consulting services are free of charge!

What are the advantages of being supported by KADA?

Our professional career counselors have many years of experience in coaching athletes. They understand the challenges athletes face when striving to combine sports with education or transitioning into the world of work.

Thus, receive individual career counseling to explore possible educational and vocational opportunities. Learn how to make better use of your skills and resources and how to successfully coordinate education with your training and competition schedule. Enroll in elite-sport-oriented educational programs, and benefit from our nationwide network of partner organizations!

I am fully focused on my sports career. Would I still benefit from KADA’s services?

Yes! Our career counselors are always available to assist you in evaluating your current situation and addressing questions such as:

What is important to me in my career? What goals do I want to achieve? What do I need to be active instead of reactive? What are my post-sport career vocational prospects? What possibilities would be open to me to combine sport with an education program?

We are here for you to answer your questions and guide you with our extenive experience.

Mag. Nik Berger

Managing Director of KADA

Do you have any questions?

    How can we help?

    We are available for personal orientation and counseling sessions on all questions related to the reconciliation of sports and education as well as on the planning of your post-sport career entry.

    We are happy to provide information on all cooperation opportunities for educational institutions, companies and sports organizations that want to support our vision of sports with prospects!

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    Mag. Nik Berger

    Managing Director

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    Email: berger@kada.co.at

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